YNTERIOR’s history begins in the 40’s as a family-run reality producing high-level custom-made furniture. The small scale artisan workshop grew quickly and soon started to collaborate with well-known architects, accomplishing remarkable and winning projects.

the know-how

Passed on by generations, the know-how of YNTERIOR is the result of consolidated knowledge over time and loyalty to strong and imperative values: dedication, passion and hard work have marked the success of the Company over its seventy years and have also been shared by the third generation, which is currently leading the Company.

all over the world

About 20 years ago the Company began to work with fashion brands and designers all over the world with the aim to reach an international public of experts capable of recognizing the meticulous attention to details and appreciating beauty in its most sophisticated and valuable expression.

The Company is incessantly looking for high-quality materials and technological solutions to create distinctive pieces of furniture marked by an innovative style, where the manual expertness balances industrial precision with feeling and emotion.

industrial processes with human skills

YNTERIOR combines industrial processes, characterized by cutting-edge and innovative technologies, with human skills and manual abilities related to an antique and precious handicraft tradition acknowledged all over the world.

custom-made solutions

The capability of the Company to always propose custom-made solutions, according to customers’ needs and tastes, is another example of its inestimable know-how.


In 2018 YNTERIOR decided to launch its new collection “YNTERIOR” which mirrors a harmonious and reciprocal fusion between design and fashion. The collection, which makes glamour a key ingredient of its philosophy, addresses a public who is looking for something truly exclusive, fashionable and spectacular.